MIT/LL CTF 2013: Capture the Flag Competition - SAVE THE DATE

We are pleased to let you know that MIT/LL CTF competition will be hosted this year on 7pm EDT Friday, October 25 through 7pm EDT Sunday, October 27, 2013.

In this version of a "Cyber" Capture The Flag competition, you will work in small teams to both defend your system and attack those of others. The target system is a set of Android applications and associated back-end web services. New functionality will be introduced during the competition via new or modified applications, so be prepared to adapt to novel situations quickly.
The basic schedule of events is as follows (for more details see “Schedule" page):

  • 10/12: CTF scrimmage.
    This event will simulate (as closely as possible) the actual CTF competition. Participation optional, but highly encouraged.
  • 10/25-10/27: MIT/LL Capture-the-Flag competition.
    The main event! Award ceremony immediately after completion.
    Onsite representation required to participate.

We look forward to hosting you!