The Rules

Here are the rules for the MIT/LL CTF:

  1. No physical contact between players. No shoulder surfing. No harassment, threats or duels
  2. No flooding (volume) or DOS of any kind. Algorithmic complexity attacks allowed
  3. No changes to network and competition infrastructure. No spoofing of any kind
  4. You are authorized to attack ONLY team VMs on the ESX server. DO NOT ATTACK:
    1. Our game infrastructure (scoreboard, OpenID server, automated graders, etc)
    2. Networking infrastructure (it's a resource we share with people who are not participating in MIT/LL CTF)
    3. Laptops of team members
    4. Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, or anything else!
  5. Ask before doing anything that might be considered cheating
  6. Rules and infrastructure subject to change upon short notice
  7. Ruling of referees is final in all cases

We hope that this CTF is fun and that you learn a lot; we'd like to do it again if it is a success. It won't be a success if a team uses their powers for evil rather than good, so please behave responsibly.

Again, ASK US if you have any question about something you're thinking of doing. We won't reveal your cunning plan that cannot fail to other teams.