Team formation deadline: Thursday, October 10 @ 11:59pm

If you are on a team and that team has 6 or more people, you can stop reading this post. You are in good shape.

If you are not on a team or the team you are on has fewer than 6 people, please continue reading. You are not in good shape. We need you on to be on a team, and we need the teams to be at least 6 members. So here's the deal.

Deadline: Thursday, Oct 10 @ 11:59pm. Boston time.

What happens shortly after the deadline:

  1. Any player not on a team will be un-registered from the event. That is, it will be as if he or she never registered.
  2. Any team with fewer than 6 players will be disbanded. All players on such teams will be un-registered (see 1).

Sorry for the Draconian policies, but the CTF will work much better with fewer and larger teams. Please use to address the issues above. You should have plenty of time to resolve things.

Cheers & see you at the scrimmage!