The two-day workshop will include invited talks and discussions on the RFI topic areas, as well as further questions and challenges.  The workshop agenda is below.
For background information, IARPA's RFI can be found here. A summary of the responses to the RFI can be found here.
Food and beverage will not be provided, so please plan accordingly.  There is a Dunkin' Donuts for coffee/breakfast on the first floor of the Stratton Student Center, downstairs from where the workshop will be held.  For your convenience, we will provide a list of local restaurants and cafes in your workshop packet.
Wednesday, May 28
8:30am Registration
8:45am Welcome – Rob Cunningham (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
9:00am Overview of SPAR-MPC Vision – Konrad Vesey (IARPA)
9:30am Overview of RFI Responses and Workshop Goals – Emily Shen (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
             slides, summary of RFI responses
10:00am Break
10:15am Talk Session 1: Cryptographic Research Challenges

  • Making Secure Computation Practical
    Tal Rabin (IBM), Dan Boneh (Stanford), Craig Gentry and Shai Halevi (IBM), Stanislaw Jarecki (UC Irvine), Charanjit Jutla and Hugo Krawczyk (IBM), Mariana Raykova (SRI), and Victor Shoup (NYU)
  • ​Challenges and Directions for Optimizing the Automated Solution of the General MPC Problem
    Vladimir Kolesnikov (Bell Labs), Tal Malkin (Columbia University), Payman Mohassel (University of Calgary), Mike Rosulek (Oregon State University), Yehuda Lindell (Bar-Ilan University), Kedar Namjoshi, Alan Jeffrey, and Steven Fortune (Bell Labs)
  • Some Challenging Research Questions Underpinning Truly Practical Multi-Party Computation Protocols
    Ran Canetti (Boston University), Rosario Gennaro and Valerio Pastro (The City College of New York), Shafi Goldwasser and Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT), and Muthumakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam (University of Rochester)
  • ​Secure Computation with Robust Automatic Methods and Beyond: Libraries and Efficient compilers (SCRAMBLE)
    Steve Lu and Rafail Ostrovsky (Stealth Software Technologies, Inc.)

11:55am Morning Wrap-up
12:00pm Lunch (on your own)
1:30pm Talk Session 2: Programming Languages, Compilers, and Formal Methods

  • Programming Optimized Secure Multiparty Computation
    Jonathan Katz, Michael Hicks, Elaine Shi, Matthew Hammer, Yan Huang, Chang Liu, Piotr Mardziel, and Aseem Rastogi (University of Maryland)
  • ​Ideas for the Envisioned Tool MPC2 (Mechanically-Proof-Checked Multi-Party Computation)
    Alessandro Coglio (Kestrel Institute)
  • Some Obstacles to Ubiquitous Secure Computation
    Steven Myers, Rafael Pass, and abhi shelat (BitCheq)
  • ​How We Got a Non-cryptographer to Build a Secure Computation Application
    Dan Bogdanov and Peeter Laud (Cybernetica)

3:10pm Break
3:25pm Breakout Session 1
5:00pm Day 1 Wrap-up
5:30pm Close

Thursday, May 29
8:45am Day 2 Introduction – Emily Shen (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
9:00am Research Focused Cyber Evaluation – Douglas Stetson (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
9:30am Break
9:45am Talk Session 3: Practical Challenges

  • Millions of Millionaires: Secure Multiparty Computation for Massive Networks
    Jared Saia and Varsha Dani (University of New Mexico), Valerie King (University of Victoria), Mahnush Mohavedi and Mahdi Zamani (University of New Mexico)
  • ​Secure-Multiparty Software Systems: Privacy and Security on Untrusted Hardware
    Yuriy Brun (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Nenad Medvidovic (University of Southern California), and Sam Malek (George Mason University)
  • ​Toward Quantitative Metrics in the MPC Security-Influence-Performance Continuum
    David Archer (Galois, Inc.), Kevin Butler (University of Oregon), Jose Nazario (Invincea, Inc.), Mike Rosulek (Oregon State University), and Patrick Traynor (Georgia Institute of Technology)

11:00am Break
11:15am Breakout Session 2
12:00pm Lunch (on your own)
1:30pm Breakout Summaries and Discussion
             slides: Day 1, Day 2
3:30pm Conclusions
4:00pm Close